The Berl Katznelson Foundation

Beit Berl was founded in pre-State days, in 1947, on agricultural land purchased by Berl Katznelson's friends in order to honor his memory and fulfill his dream: a dream
of creating a center of learning and enrichment for the workers and the young generation.

The Berl Katznelson Foundation was established a few years later, in the early 50's to help run and administer the various institutions on the Campus, including: The Beit Berl College established by the Foundation in 1971 (and today an independent academic institution  with a population of  7000 students) the Berl Katznelson Educational Center ( established in 1996), the Moshe Sharett Labor Party Archives, the Arab-Israel Cooperation Center, the Histadrut International Training Institute, a central Library, a sports center, etc.

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